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Feb 09
  • How Can I Get More Involved?

    How Can I Get More Involved?

    We are often asked "How can I get more involved?" If you are registered as a Democrat in Adams County, you are automatically a member of the Adams County Democratic Party.   You are welcome to attend the monthly Executive Board meeting of the officers, captains and co-captains, and elected officials.

  • Join the Club

    Join the Club

    The Adams County Democrats has multiple social clubs for those who are looking for other ways to spend time with individuals who share thier values.  These include the AdDems, AdFemDems, Latino Initiative, The Janes, and the Young Dems.  For more information, click here.

  • Vote Democratic

    Vote Democratic

    Don't vote for extremists - Vote Democratic. Mail your ballot in early!

Electronic Gadfly Now Available!



It could cost the Adams County Democratic party up to $100/month for postage and a lot of valuable volunteer time to send out the Gadfly in a paper version.  You can sign up here to get that here, with no clutter, and saving time and money!


Aurora Public School Board Election 2015


Here is the district information:


Dan Jorgensen and Linda Cerva are the only Democrats in this race I could find.

Adams 12 5 Star 2015

Here is the school district information on the election coming up in November 2015:




 In Board Member District 1 Seth Thomas is a Democrat




 In Board Member District 2, Jamey Lockley is a Republican


Daniel Garcia has said the following: He is not a registerd Democrat. He has voted for a D in every election.  He has also have voted for an R and independent candidates in every election. (for what it's worth)  So, he's somewhere in the middle.  

 In Board Member District 4, Amira Amal Assad-Lucas and Jessy Briton Hamilton are both Democrats and Brian Batz is unaffiliated.





 In Board Member District 5: Stephanie James is Unaffiliated.  Jeff Jasica is a Republican.  Laura Mitchell is a Democart and Teresa Walsh is a Democrat.






Remember all voters vote for all the positions.  Board member candidates must live in the district to run, but you vote for the candidate regardless of which district you live in.

Here is one organization that has provided recommendations:


Also planned parenthood has endorsed Jessy Hamilton for Adams 12.

School District board Candidates 50 2015


Information provided by school district is minimal:



From Alexander Villagran:

For Adams 50 School Board Race, the best candidates are:
Kenneth BobbyKen Ciancio
Paola Urgiles

School District board Candidates 27J 2015

27 J


Information on District 27J


In district 3, both candidates are Democrats:



In District 6 Stanley Hiller is the only registered Democrat according to my search:


Candidates 2014


Meet Our 2014 Democratic Candidates

This group of candidates will be on the ballot for all Adams County voters.


U.S. Senator Mark Udall



As a lifelong westerner, Mark has shown that he’s the type of public servant who works with anyone — no matter what their political affiliation — and who fights tirelessly on behalf of middle class families and small businesses to protect the Colorado way of life.

Governor John Hickenlooper



John Hickenlooper, a self-described “recovering geologist now on loan to public service,” was elected Governor in 2010. His unconventional road to the Capitol began when he left the oilfields of western Colorado in the late 1980s and opened the state’s first brewpub.  He successfully ran for Mayor of Denver in 2003.

Joe Neguse - Candidate for Colorado Secretary of State



As a first generation American, his belief that all Coloradans should have the opportunity to be active participants in our democracy has been a guiding principle in his professional and civic career.

Betsy Markey - Candidate for Colorado State Treasurer



Betsy has over 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors. In 2008, Betsy was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and proudly served the people of the 4th Congressional District.  Most recently, she served as Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Don Quick - Candidate for Colorado Attorney General



Don Quick has devoted his life to public service. His career highlights include serving two terms as an elected District Attorney for Adams and Broomfield counties as well as top deputy to former Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar. Coloradans across the political spectrum know Don as a man of experience and integrity, and a true innovator in the criminal justice community.

Manuel Solano – Candidate for County Commissioner, District 3



I will work to put the interests of Adams County citizens first.  The strength of our county depends on thoughtful leadership, transparent government, fiscal strength, and non-partisan teamwork.  I vow to work with the other Adams County Commissioners to represent the best interests of all residents

Steve O’Dorisio – Candidate for County Commissioner, District 4



I will dedicate my experience in business and public service to give back to the community in which I am proud to work, live, and raise a family. My campaign will promote quality of life issues, including support for a strong and vibrant business community, open and transparent government, and safe and clean neighborhoods.

Wilma Rose – Candidate for County Commissioner, District 5



Wilma has lived, worked and raised her family in Brighton and Adams County for the past 37 years. As an Adams County Commissioner Wilma will focus on county transportation issues, promoting sustainable small and large businesses, procurement of jobs and job training and continue to improve the image of Adams County with her positive, open and thoughtful leadership skills.



Cynthia A. Martinez – Candidate for County Clerk and Recorder



I have been a small business owner and I am a Brighton City Councilwoman.  I have 25+ years in the legal field and have been on numerous boards and commissions.  I am married and have two children.  I will be responsible, accountable, and ethical in performing my duties to our citizens and employees.

Steve Douglas – Candidate for County Treasurer



Steve currently serves as a Commerce City Councilman and has earned a stellar reputation as a dedicated public servant, because he is ALWAYS approachable and has consistently been involved in the community both as a volunteer and an Elected Official.

John Schaul – Candidate for County Assessor

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


With two and a half decades of experience in professional mass appraisals, mass appraisal analysis and valuation modeling, John became Chief Deputy assessor for Adams County in 2010.  John Schaul stands for fair and equitable valuation.

Rick Reigenborn – Candidate for County Sheriff



I want to get back to the basics of law enforcement and to have the community involved with the Sheriff’s Office. We serve to protect you and it is imperative that we listen to your concerns and views. If you elect me, I will be dedicated to your safety and the security of your family.





M. Broncucia-Jordan – Candidate for County Coroner


The Coroner’s Office investigates and determines the manner and cause of death for persons who die in the county.  Monica was elected in 2010 and manages the office and staff working efficiently with law enforcement and with a concern for the needs and feelings of family members.


The following candidates are running in districts that cover a part of Adams County.


Vic Meyers - Candidate for 4th Congressional District



Vic is a 45-yr old, working-class husband and father who lives in Trinidad. As a military veteran, he knows the value of freedom. He doesn't have the personal wealth or political party connections that congressional candidates usually have. He is counting on grass-roots supporters to elect him as the U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District.

Andrew Romanoff - Candidate for 6th Congressional District



Andrew Romanoff is running to represent the 6th District for the same reason he first ran for the Statehouse.  He wants to make it possible for every child to enjoy the same kind of basic opportunities his mom and dad gave him: a solid education, a steady source of health care, and a safe place to live.

Congressman Ed Perlmutter - Candidate for 7th Congressional District



A lifelong resident of Colorado’s 7th Congressional District, Ed's usually at the neighborhood dog park, the grocery store down the street, on the bike path, or the local coffee shop. Everywhere, he’s listening to neighbors. Ed shares the concerns and values important to the hardworking people in the 7th Congressional District.

Jane Goff – Candidate for State Board of Education, District 7



The basic question we need to be asking ourselves is "What is the purpose of education in Colorado?" I believe that purpose is to continuously improve our prospects for long term economic strength, community health and safety and successful citizens.
-- Jane Goff


Naquetta Ricks – Candidate for Regent of the University of Colorado, District 6



I’m running because I am committed to seeing that every Colorado child has access to an affordable college education that will allow them to compete in the global economy of the 21st Century. We’ve faced years of cuts to higher education, years of tuition hikes—and too many regents spending too much time focused on narrow and ideological pet issues instead of on lowering the cost of college for Colorado’s kids.

Irene Griego – Candidate for Regent of the University of Colorado, District 7



During my service as a CU Regent for the 7th Congressional District I have worked diligently to be accessible to my constituents and in working on critical issues such as:  keeping tuition as low as possible; supporting faculty and staff; promoting transparency in all Board of Regent actions; and ensuring that the CU budget is spent efficiently and in the best interest of our students


Judy Solano – Candidate for State Senate, District 24



Sensible Solutions.  I know families are being hit hard by skyrocketing prices at the pump, college tuition and health care.  That’s why I’ve fought to create jobs, decrease health care costs and strengthen public schools.  I know we can find sensible solutions to the challenges facing Colorado families.



Representative Jensie May – Candidate for State Representative, District 30



While the economy appears to be getting better, we still need to work hard to assist the recovery process. With your vote, I will strive to attract and grow business opportunities through innovation and help families prosper. I will support investing in innovative, cutting edge education reforms so our children are prepared to compete in the global economy.

Representative Joseph A. Salazar – Candidate for State Representative, District 31



Being raised in Thornton means knowing the virtues and values of a hard working community – where grinding out a living for our children is not only a necessity, but defines who we are as Coloradans.  We care about our children’s future.  We care about education.  We care about our jobs.


Representative Dominick Moreno – Candidate for State Representative, District 32



Rep. Moreno is committed to creating good jobs in House District 32 and statewide, assuring that every child has access to a quality education and that every person has access to affordable healthcare, and making sure Adams County gets its fair share of transportation funding so it can fix its aging roads and bridges and increase its public transportation options.

Representative Steve Lebsock – Candidate for State Representative, District 34



The people of House District 34 deserve to continue to have thoughtful, strong leadership at the State Capital.  Every vote I make at the Capital will be based on what is best for the people of Colorado and the North Metro Area.  Families here have an advocate in me.







Faith Winter – Candidate for State Representative, District 35



I have spent my entire career and the last six years on Westminster city council bringing people together. Good ideas come from people like you, people who care about their community. I will go to the state house to work for our community and come up with creative solutions for a strong economy and world class.


Vicki A. Snider – Candidate for State Representative, District 56



As a wife, mother, cancer-survivor and activist, Vicki will objectively consider the needs and priorities within her district, bringing attention and action to issues that matter, including education, employment opportunity, health, and gender equality. Her enthusiasm and steadfastness make her a natural civil servant with a genuine interest in serving the people.


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