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Nov 25
  • How Can I Get More Involved?

    How Can I Get More Involved?

    We are often asked "How can I get more involved?" If you are registered as a Democrat in Adams County, you are automatically a member of the Adams County Democratic Party.   You are welcome to attend the monthly Executive Board meeting of the officers, captains and co-captains, and elected officials.

  • Join the Club

    Join the Club

    The Adams County Democrats has multiple social clubs for those who are looking for other ways to spend time with individuals who share thier values.  These include the AdDems, AdFemDems, Latino Initiative, The Janes, and the Young Dems.  For more information, click here.

  • Vote Democratic

    Vote Democratic

    Don't vote for extremists - Vote Democratic. Mail your ballot in early!

Electronic Gadfly Now Available!



It could cost the Adams County Democratic party up to $100/month for postage and a lot of valuable volunteer time to send out the Gadfly in a paper version.  You can sign up here to get that here, with no clutter, and saving time and money!


Aurora Public School Board Election 2015


Here is the district information:


Dan Jorgensen and Linda Cerva are the only Democrats in this race I could find.

Adams 12 5 Star 2015

Here is the school district information on the election coming up in November 2015:




 In Board Member District 1 Seth Thomas is a Democrat




 In Board Member District 2, Jamey Lockley is a Republican


Daniel Garcia has said the following: He is not a registerd Democrat. He has voted for a D in every election.  He has also have voted for an R and independent candidates in every election. (for what it's worth)  So, he's somewhere in the middle.  

 In Board Member District 4, Amira Amal Assad-Lucas and Jessy Briton Hamilton are both Democrats and Brian Batz is unaffiliated.





 In Board Member District 5: Stephanie James is Unaffiliated.  Jeff Jasica is a Republican.  Laura Mitchell is a Democart and Teresa Walsh is a Democrat.






Remember all voters vote for all the positions.  Board member candidates must live in the district to run, but you vote for the candidate regardless of which district you live in.

Here is one organization that has provided recommendations:


Also planned parenthood has endorsed Jessy Hamilton for Adams 12.

School District board Candidates 50 2015


Information provided by school district is minimal:



From Alexander Villagran:

For Adams 50 School Board Race, the best candidates are:
Kenneth BobbyKen Ciancio
Paola Urgiles

School District board Candidates 27J 2015

27 J


Information on District 27J


In district 3, both candidates are Democrats:



In District 6 Stanley Hiller is the only registered Democrat according to my search:


Municipal Candidates 2015

As these are non partisan races, we have recommendations attributed to the person or group making the recommendation listed in order of when I have received the recommendation:

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