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  • How Can I Get More Involved?

    How Can I Get More Involved?

    We are often asked "How can I get more involved?" If you are registered as a Democrat in Adams County, you are automatically a member of the Adams County Democratic Party.   You are welcome to attend the monthly Executive Board meeting of the officers, captains and co-captains, and elected officials.

  • Join the Club

    Join the Club

    The Adams County Democrats has multiple social clubs for those who are looking for other ways to spend time with individuals who share thier values.  These include the AdDems, AdFemDems, Latino Initiative, The Janes, and the Young Dems.  For more information, click here.

  • Vote Democratic

    Vote Democratic

    Don't vote for extremists - Vote Democratic. Mail your ballot in early!

Electronic Gadfly Now Available!



It could cost the Adams County Democratic party up to $100/month for postage and a lot of valuable volunteer time to send out the Gadfly in a paper version.  You can sign up here to get that here, with no clutter, and saving time and money!


Welcome to the Adams County Democratic Party

Welcome to the Adams County, Colorado Democratic Party, the party of success!

Adams County has a tradition of electing strong, principled Democratic officials and we want to continue working towards that goal.

Events  (Full Calendar)

2016 Caucus location
Written by Andrew Been   

We have a list of 2016 Caucus locations.  If you don't yet know your precinct, you can look it up with the Colorado Secretary of state here: 


You do need to know when you were born, your name and where you live to check that.

Once you have the precinct number, you can look up your caucus location in our list.

You can also look at the map I've created.  Please be aware that if you show up at a caucus location that isn't yours, you won't be able to participate there.  You will need to be at your precinct to participate, and caucus does not go backwards for late arrivals.  You may participate when you arrive at the correct place from the time you arrive.

Please ask one of our party officers if you have questions.

2016 Caucus, Assemblies and conventions
Written by Andrew Been   


Caucuses, then county and state conventions and assemblies.

01MAR2016 is the date for caucuses!


Here is information from the state party about the Caucus:


One must, generally, go to the Caucus to be selected as a delegate to go to the county and state conventions and assemblies.  One can write a letter to the party chair to be appointed a delegate if not able to attend.


We listened to our Central Committee members...

New site for our March 12th Adams County Democratic Party Convention/Assembly  Many thanks to our own Ken Ciancio, District 50 School Board Member, who helped us secure the larger, ADA accessible site.
Ranum Middle School
2401 West 80th Ave
Denver CO 80221


State Convention and Assembly will be in Loveland at the Budweiser Events Center. It is right off of I-25 and is about a 45 minute drive from downtown Denver, on April 16th 2016

The state Democratic party has information on both the national delegates and state delegates:

For the national plan:


For the state delegates:


2015 non-partisan election
Written by Andrew Been   


Congratulations to all Democrats who ran and volunteered in local elections!  This is how we build and improve our communities!


Here are the results!:


New mailing address
Written by Andrew Been   

 New Mailing address for donations and any correspondence by USPS:

P.O . BOX 307
Commerce City
CO 80037

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